The Project hosted a seminar on sustainability reporting regulation

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Sin categoría

The Project Account4GreenEco, in collaboration with the University of Burgos Master on Sustainability Reporting and Assurance, organized a seminar on “Sustainability reporting regulation: challenges for companies”, on May 31, 2024, in the Faculty of Business and Economics. The invited speaker was José María López Jiménez, director of ESG strategy at Unicaja and lecturer on Law at the University of Malaga.

José María López covered the main EU regulations that require companies to publish sustainability information and reflect on their main implications in terms of the workflow and internal restructuring that organizations must adopt to comply with sustainability reporting mandates. The speaker also underscored the need for graduate and postgraduate training to ensure the availability of a significant pool of professionals capable of supporting firms in producing sustainability information.

This event allowed participants, mostly students and lecturers, to solve their doubts about how companies are dealing with the increasingly intricate sustainability reporting landscape being rolled out by the European Union.