Universidad de Burgos (Spain)

Universidad de Burgos (UBU) is a public university, created in 1994, which develops its mission with a comprehensive and quality educational perspective, characterized by its closeness to students and its focus on internationalization. In only 25 years, UBU has become a reference in university research and transference of knowledge towards business in Spain.

Account4GreenEco will be led and coordinated by member of the Accounting, Change and Society (ERGO) research group of UBU. ERGO has more than two decades of experience in sustainability accounting and reporting research, being a pioneer in this field and has constituted itself as an international relevant reference on this topic. The research group comprises a multidisciplinary team that works with researchers from other universities in Spain (especially, Pablo de Olavide, Córdoba, and Universidad Pública de Navarra) and constantly collaborates with academics from other relevant European Universities (Lancaster, Saint Andrews, Bristol, or Tampere, among others). ERGO has also participated in several research projects funded at the European, national, and regional level. Additionally, ERGO has launched the first Master on Sustainability Reporting and Assurance in Spain, that will be lectured at the University of Burgos for the course 2023/2024.

Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany)

Leuphana University Lüneburg is a mid-sized public university of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. Under its guiding principles humanistic – sustainable – proactive, Leuphana aims to deliver exceptional education, to address the future of social commitment to civil society in the 21st century through relevant thematic focuses in research, and to make significant contributions to society – locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM) is an internationally oriented research and capacity building centre at Leuphana University with three professors and twenty-five researchers, including twelve PhD students, as well as three administrative staff. CSM has been involved in two Erasmus and various EU research projects for the last twenty years. With the MBA in Sustainability Management, CSM has been offering a high-level sustainability management education programme since 2003 that includes more than 500 alumni and currently 200 students. Core areas of expertise include sustainability accounting, performance measurement and management, sustainable entrepreneurship, managing stakeholder relationships, and corporate sustainability management practices. CSM has a research focus on sustainability accounting and performance measurement that has resulted in both highly cited key publications on sustainability accounting (e.g. the most cited framework on environmental management accounting, on carbon management accounting, on accounting for modern slavery, etc.) and in new corporate practices (e.g. with applications of the sustainability balanced scorecard).

Università degli Studi di Trento (Italy)

Università degli Studi di Trento (UniTrento) is a dynamic, middle-size University (about 16,000 students) located in the Northeast of Italy. Founded in 1962, it has constantly pursued the quality of research and teaching and the strengthening of its international dimension, networking with qualified universities and research centres worldwide, making its campuses international and encouraging the presence in Trento of foreign visiting professors, researchers and students. The strong commitment to international research and mobility projects has boosted its attractiveness and position in national and international rankings.
The research group members involved in the project have sound experience in teaching and researching sustainability. Their research focuses on sustainability reporting, social impact measurements, non-profit organisations, national and supra-national regulations on sustainability, accounting and accountability. The efforts done by the research group in investigating new forms of sustainable organisations and social impact measurements resulted in various funded projects and publications in highly recognised journals. The group members have also organized several teaching activities on sustainability.

Montpellier Business School (France)

Founded in 1897, Montpellier Business School’s (MBS) mission is to train, through higher education programmes, managers that are strong in their diversity, aware of their global responsibility in carrying out their missions, and able to adapt to changes in local, national and international environments. MBS develops a complete range of management courses: Bachelor program, Master in Management program, Masters of Science, Executive MBA and Executive DBA.
Montpellier Business School has a research group entitled Accounting for Sustainability and Innovation. The aim of the research group is to address all issues related to this area, including new developments in sustainability accounting, the role and use of accounting systems for sustainability, operations and innovation strategies, the integration of sustainability, operations and innovation into performance measurement systems, the linkage between business strategy, sustainable strategy, innovation strategy, operations strategy and corporate governance as well as the role of accounting, finance and innovation departments for organizational change towards sustainability and innovation, and their relationship with the CSR/sustainability/innovation.

Gestionet (Spain)

Gestionet has been in the market for 20 years. Gestionet’s mission is to transmit values, content and work on skills and abilities through digital solutions based on gaming methodologies. For this purpose, Gestionet has been developing and implementing digital educational tools in classrooms to transmit values through video games and business games, such as entrepreneurship, environmental values and sustainability, innovation, etc.
Gestionet has a large team of multidisciplinary professionals with digital skills and abilities and with extensive experience in immersive educational methodologies through gamification skills to generate friendly and immersive environments to enhance the teaching-learning process.

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