Roundtable on the relevance of sustainability information for the accounting profession

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Sin categoría

On Feb 27, 2023, we co-organized a roundtable to share the growing importance of #sustainability #accounting for organizations and companies with students, lecturers, and other members of society. The panelists were Nuria Rodríguez, CSR and environmental maanager in Grupo Naturgy; Javier Cavero, ESG manager in RSM Spain; Andrés Ferrer, CEO in OMAWA Huella Ecológica S.L.; and Nicolás García, coordinator of the Erasmus+ Account4GreenEco project and the University of Burgos’ Master on Sustainability Information and Assurance.

The panelists highlighted that sustainability should not only be a matter of directives and regulations but a change in how companies are managed. The achievement of this goal requires multidisciplinary teams to understand all social, environmental, governance, and economic dimensions of business. They also reflect on the growing importance of sustainability information in their respective arena – business, auditing, consulting, and academia – that calls for new practitioners’ profiles and the university’s involvement in responding to that demand.

You can watch the full roundtable (in Spanish) on the Youtube Channel of the University of Burgos.